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I help people to speak with power and solve professional challenges.

And I simply love what I do.

As Principal at Laurel Felt Consulting, I support public speakers, career-changers, workshop facilitators, and youth media organizations. My clients have achieved incredible results and I’m honored to have supported their growth and success.

As a Lecturer in business communication at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, I help my students to develop skills and gain knowledge that will prepare them for bright, dynamic futures. Together, my students and I co-create vibrant, respectful learning communities in which we work hard and laugh out loud.

I sum up my signature style with three words: smarts, heart, and humor.

1. Smarts: I apply my rich professional experience and rigorous educational training to listen deeply, ask questions, interrogate assumptions, gather information, and chart pathways.
2. Heart: I used to teach preschool and run a non-profit, so I use my “touchy feely” core to connect with each individual and appreciate his/her unique journey.
3. Humor: I’m a trained improvisational comedian, so I harness my creativity and cultivate laughter to help us think “outside the box” and enjoy the ride.

Let’s talk!

I offer FREE, 30-minute strategy sessions to help public speakers, career-changers, and workshop facilitators get a jumpstart on achieving their goals. Snag a spot in my calendar and let’s problem-solve!

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