Refereed Journal Articles

Dura, L., Felt, L.J. & Singhal, A. (2014). What Counts? For Whom? Cultural Beacons and Unexpected Areas of Programmatic ImpactEvaluation and Program Planning, 44, pp. 98-109.

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Book Chapters

Felt, L.J. (2015). Hacking for Gold. In P. Mihailidis and E. Gordon (Eds.), The Civic Media Reader. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

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Research Reports

Reilly, E., Jenkins, H., Felt, L.J., & Vartabedian, V. (2012). Shall we play? Los Angeles, CA: Annenberg Innovation Lab at the University of Southern California.

Reilly, E., Vartabedian, V., Felt, L.J., & Jenkins, H. (2012). PLAY! (Participatory Learning And You!). Los Angeles, CA: Annenberg Innovation Lab at the University of Southern California.

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Felt, L.J. (2009). Preparing for Palestine: An Internal review of relevant literature for the BBC World Service Trust’s development of Lifeline radio programming for Palestinian children. London, UK: BBC World Service Trust.

Digital Portfolio

Samples of my work from IML 501, Digital Media Workshop…

Invited Online Journalism

Felt, L.J. (2014, August 22). Superheroes and Mathematics: Playing and Programming for the Future, Part 2KCET Departures.

Felt, L.J. (2014, July 17). Game-Based Learning: Playing and Programming for the FutureKCET Departures.

Felt, L.J. (2014, May 5). Hacking for Gold: South LA Teens Code Towards a Better Future. KCET Departures.

Felt, L.J. (2014, April 29). Org. Member Profile: Tribeca Film InstituteNational Association for Media Literacy Education.

Felt, L.J. (2014, March 24). Org. Member Profile: Center for Media Literacy. National Association for Media Literacy Education.

Felt, L.J. (2014, March 5). Circles: Healing Through Restorative JusticeKCET Departures.

Felt, L.J. (2012, April 10). Digital devotees are made of people! Leveraging our humanity to enrich digital media and learning21st Century Scholar.

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Felt, L.J. (2011, June 19). June 2011 M-Passioned Member: Laurel Felt. National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE).

Felt, L.J. (2010, September 1). High Tech? Low Tech? No Tech? Confessions of an Aca-Fan: The Official Weblog of Henry Jenkins.

Felt, L.J. (2010, August 25). Sunukaddu: A Voice for Youth in Senegal. Digital Kids Online Leadership Program.

Felt, L.J. (2010, July 29). Making education (double) count: Boosting student learning via social and emotional learning and new media literacy skillseLearn Magazine: Education and Technology in Perspective.

Unpublished Manuscripts

  • Socially and Emotionally Intelligent Pedagogy: Theory, Best Practices, and Curricula

Felt, L.J. (2014). Towards 21st century learning: Culture, process, and skills. Unpublished dissertation.

Felt, L.J. (2011). Participation and play: Modes of learning for today and tomorrow. Unpublished manuscript.

Felt, L.J. (2011). “Almost as necessary as bread”: Why we need narrative and what makes it teach. Unpublished manuscript.

Felt, L.J. (2009). Participatory learning methodologies for enriching an HIV/AIDS intervention to Senegalese youth: The Case for social and emotional learning and new media literacies. Unpublished manuscript.

Felt, L.J. (2009). RAP Stars to the Rescue!: A Campaign to promote helping and other prosocial behaviors among 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders in after-school programs. Unpublished manuscript.

Felt, L.J. (2009). Media that matters: An Examination of communication elements in some high-quality social and emotional learning programs. Unpublished manuscript.

  • Influences of Affective State on Behavior

Felt, L.J. (2011). The origin of everything? Empathy in theory and practice. Unpublished manuscript.

Felt, L.J. (2011). Self-efficacy, perceived control, and emotional/affective state as predictors of intentions to engage in safer sex practices among men who have sex with men. Unpublished manuscript.

  • Children and Media: Products for Children, Children’s Engagement with Media, and Questions of Regulation

Felt, L.J. (2009). Analyzing gender during middle childhood… Through the lens of television. Unpublished manuscript.

Felt, L.J. (2009). Parents as policymakers: Parents’ perspectives on regulating media aimed at children. Unpublished manuscript.

Felt, L.J. (2009). What do the media do, and what are we to do about it?: Rereading St. Louis County Ordinance 20,193 as a rallying call for communication scholars. Unpublished manuscript.

Felt, L.J. (2009). Global flows of children’s television: An Annotated bibliography. Unpublished manuscript.

Felt, L.J. (2006). ttyl: Adolescent girls, social aggression, and Instant Messenger. Unpublished manuscript.

  • Collective Action: Group Processes and Community Development

Felt, L.J., Harmon, D.J., & Oh, P. (2010). Hidden profiles revisited: Establishing group process boundary conditions based on information relevance. Unpublished manuscript.

Felt, L.J. (2011). Present promise, future potential: Positive Deviance and complementary theory. Unpublished manuscript.

Undergraduate Print Journalism

Felt, L. (2002, July 18). Austin Powers in Goldmember. The Summer Northwestern.

Felt, L. (2002, July 11). Road to Paradise: NU graduate rubs elbows with stars, filmmakers and journalism pros. The Summer Northwestern.

Felt, L. (2002, July 3). Small-town ignorance disappoints in ‘Deeds’: Sandler lacks his famous humor, presence in Capra film. The Summer Northwestern.

Felt, L. (2002, June 27). An altar boy, also a superhero, takes on his school: Movie with comic book twist fails to develop its identity or its characters.The Summer Northwestern.

Felt, L. (2002, May 31). Two NU seniors take productions to the Big Apple.The Daily Northwestern.

Felt, L. (2002, March 5). Secret society fails to maintain secrecy or accomplish anything. The Daily Northwestern.

Felt, L. (2002, February 25). NU community probes for answers to the deeper questions. The Daily Northwestern.

Felt, L. (2002, February 18). Animated sequels indicate magic is lost in Disney’s kingdom. The Daily Northwestern.

Felt, L. (2002, February 11). The real key to a woman’s heart is through her nose. The Daily Northwestern.

Felt, L. (2002, February 4). Who knows what EV IL lurks in the heart of Evanston? The Daily Northwestern.

Felt, L. (2002, January 28). Obsessive Ph stalkers should consider hiring outside service. The Daily Northwestern.

Felt, L. (2002, January 21). Tough job market still has room for a real headhunter. The Daily Northwestern.

Felt, L. (2002, January 14). Sex, lies, and videotape: The Secret world of grandparents. The Daily Northwestern.

Felt, L. (2001, November 29). NU theater alums go ape over kids: Barrel of Monkeys gets city youth involved in theater. The Daily Northwestern.

Felt, L. (2000, January). Late Night Catechism. art + performance magazine.

Felt, L. (1999, May). Sea-worthy improv. art + performance magazine.

Felt, L. (1999, March). How I Learned to Drive. art + performance magazine.

Felt, L. (1999, February). That was then, this is Mee-ow. art + performance magazine.

Felt, L. (1999, January). Theater overload: Getting through the maze of plays. art + performance magazine.

Felt, L. (1998, December). Norris gets a nose job… and two new theaters! art + performance magazine.

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